Biographies of Architects, Designers, and Builders

Emmett G. Martin (1889-1937)

Emmett G. Martin, younger brother of Los Angeles architect A. C. Martin, began his formal architectural education at the University of Illinois, where he studied for three and a half years. Following military service during World War I, he remained abroad and completed his studies at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, Atelier M. Laloux, in 1919. That summer, Martin settled in Los Angeles to begin formal apprenticeship under his brother. Emmett G. Martin received his certificate to practice architecture in California in 1923.

St. John's SchoolDuring his short career, Martin was most recognized for numerous commissions for the Roman Catholic Church, as well as a small body of residential and commercial work. Among his notable projects were Resurrection Catholic Church in East Los Angeles (1924), St. Brendan's Catholic Church in Los Angeles (1924), the J. Clarke Residence Addition in Playa del Rey (1924), the Mark Walker Residence in Pasadena (1925), St. Anselm's Catholic Church in Los Angeles (1925), St. Raphael's Catholic Church and Rectory in Los Angeles (1926), St. John's Catholic Boy's School in Fresno (1926, shown at right), the Convent of the Holy Cross School in Fresno (1926), the San Joaquin River Academy in Fresno (1926), the Walter T. McGinley Residence in Santa Monica (1927), St. Theresa's Catholic Church in Los Angeles (1929), the L. D. Kay Residence in Pasadena (1929), Nativity Parish Catholic Church in Flagstaff, Arizona (1930), St. Augustine's Catholic Church in Culver City (1930), All Saints Church in El Sereno (1930), and the Convent at Blessed Sacrament Church in Hollywood (1930). Emmett G. Martin died in Los Angeles County on November 14, 1937, at the age of 48.

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