Biographies of Architects, Designers, and Builders in Fresno and the Central Valley

The following architects, designers, and builders all played significant roles in creating the historic architectural heritage of Fresno and California's Central Valley. Some, such as W. D. Coates and Eugene Mathewson, spent most of their professional careers in Fresno, and designed many of the city's most prominent buildings. Others, including George W. Maher and S. Charles Lee, designed only one structure in the area, yet those structures have become local landmarks. One architect on the list — Charles H. Cheney — never had any of his designs built in the Central Valley, yet his plan for Fresno's downtown civic center was so remarkable that it warrants his inclusion here.

Allied Architects William C. Hays Emmett G. Martin
Albert A. Bennett Maurice Hébert Eugene Mathewson
John W. Bones Anthony Heinsbergen Julia Morgan
William O. Breyfogle Albert Hill Edith Mortensen Northman
Charles E. Butner Ira Wilson Hoover Hugh A. Pennebaker
Charles Henry Cheney Robert Hotchkin Edward W. Peterson
W. D. Coates Anton Johnson B. Marcus Priteca
Allen C. Collins Charles K. Kirby, Jr. C. J. Ryland
Lawrence K. Cone Ernest J. Kump, Jr. Henry F. Starbuck
Mark Falk Ernest J. Kump, Sr. Leonard F. Starks
Richard F. Felchlin Toyokichi Kurahashi A. C. Swartz
John E. Fennacy H. Rafael Lake Fred L. Swartz
Edward T. Foulkes S. Charles Lee Taylor-Wheeler
Charles H. Franklin McDougall Bros. Harry A. Thomas
Edward Glass George W. Maher Harrison B. Traver
F. W. Griffin Albert C. Martin William H. Willcox