Biographies of Architects, Designers, and Builders

Toyokichi Kurahashi (b. 1886)

Toyokichi Kurahashi was born on April 17, 1886. He entered the University of California in 1911 and completed a Bachelor of Arts in Letters and Science in 1917 and a Master of Arts in Architecture in 1918. In 1919 he joined with William C. Hays to design the Fresno Buddhist Temple (shown below). Two years later Kurahashi was granted a certificate to practice architecture in California.

Fresno Buddhist Temple During the early 1920s Kurahashi maintained an office at 511 Battery Street in San Francisco, but little is known about his work in the Bay Area. In the late 1920s he accepted a position with Trowbridge and Livingston of New York to supervise the construction of their Mitsui Bank in Tokyo. It was completed in 1929. In 1937 he was employed at the Otis Elevator factory in Kawasaki Kanagawa-Kin, where he was in charge of maintenance and equipment in a building designed by Antonin Raymond. Kurahashi worked for Otis until 1941, when he reached the mandatory retirement age of 55. It is not known where or when Toyokichi Kurahashi died.

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