Heritage Properties

The following buildings have been designated as Heritage Properties by the City of Fresno. This category is used for properties that may not qualify for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places or Local Register of Historic Resources, but that still are deserving of recognition and protection.

Most properties are listed by their historic, or original, names. In some cases these names no longer indicate the structure's present function or ownership. Missing numbers on the list indicate buildings that are no longer designated as Heritage Properties.

HR#001: Josiah Royce Hall, Fresno High School (1839 N. Echo Avenue)

HR#002: Mulligan-Lango Ranch (1625 W. Nielsen Avenue)

HR#003: Sparky Electronics Sign (4364 E. Ashlan Avenue. Relocated from 2406 N. Blackstone Avenue in 2006.)

HR#004: John & Anna Kaiser Home (1356 N. Marks Avenue)

HR#005: Judge William D. Crichton Home (1718 L Street)

HR#008: Haruji Ego Family Building (956 China Alley)

HR#010: George L. Aynesworth Home (3211 E. Kerckhoff Avenue)

HR#011: Frank & Felita Kauke Home (641 E. Carmen Avenue)

HR#012: Arthur C. & Julia Wahlberg Home (5050 N. Van Ness Boulevard)

HR#013: Bekins-McClatchy Home (3729 E. Huntington Boulevard)

HR#014: Frank & May Driver Home (129 N. College Avenue)

HR#015: William Collins Home (1752 L Street)

HR#016: James Porteous Building (2600 Tulare Street)

HR#017: U.S. Post Office Garage (620 F Street)

HR#019: R. Bernard & Nellabelle Dickey Home (3141 E. Huntington Boulevard)

HR#020: The Calwa Rocket (4545 E. Church Avenue)

HR#021: William Alva & Clara Shafer Home (5566 Maroa Avenue)

HR#022: Commercial Building (1900-1910 Echo Avenue)

HR#025: California Merci Train Boxcar (3509 N. First Street)

HR#026: California Baptist Foundation Building (1441 Fulton Street)

HR#027: Acme Machine Company Building (210-212 H Street)

HR#028: McCoy Home (1619 N. Adoline Avenue)

HR#029: Paul A. Christenson Building (373-383 N. Fresno Street)