Local Register of Historic Resources

H.P. #264
Chance FieldFrank Chance Field Site (1935)

Southwest corner of Cedar Avenue and Ventura Street
Baseball field

The Frank Chance Field was a baseball park formerly located on a twenty-acre parcel on the southwest corner of what is now Ventura Street and Cedar Avenue. It included a field constructed in a hexagonal plan with wooden bleachers on the northern three sides of the field. There was a clubhouse on the east side of the field for the players. It was used by the local community for the Twilight League, a recreational program initiated in 1914. The field also served as the spring training grounds for the San Francisco Seals, a minor league team in the Pacific Coast League. Joe DiMaggio played for the Seals in the 1930s. The field was demolished in 1941. This Historic Resource designation only commemorates the site.

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Photo: Pop Laval