National Register of Historic Places

Maubridge Apartments

Maubridge Apartments (1911)

2344 Tulare Street
Benjamin G. McDougall, Architect

Maubridge Apartments (1911)
Period Revival


Located at Tulare and N Streets in downtown Fresno, this brick-walled structure, rectangular in plan, has a full basement, four stories of apartments, and a penthouse. It has concrete foundation walls, interior wood framing, wood stud interior bearing walls, wood floor joists and wood roof trusses.

The facade has a tri-partite vertical organization: the first floor features arcaded windows of alternating widths and ornamental arched brick work. The smooth brick of this lower division is variegated and a slightly deeper red than upper divisions. The second and third-floor windows rest on a horizontal white metal belt cornice molding with white formed quoins and trim surrounding the windows and spandrel panels. The fourth floor windows rest on a horizontal white metal belt cornice molding. The windows are double-arched and single square head; there are formed, white-trimmed enclosing arch shapes with medallions over the windows at each opening. The facade is topped by a white-capped parapet wall above a white projecting main cornice with attached brackets and trim, all fabricated from formed sheet metal. Exterior brick work is variegated in color, of smooth finish, and laid in common bond with gray mortar.

The main entrance to the first floor has an ornamental projecting metal marquee supported from the wall. The exterior entryway has the original marble treads, risers and paving. Both street facades have the original exterior metal fire escapes, with the later addition of counter-weighted ladders for ground access.

The major interior feature of interest is the original Otis electric elevator. It is one of the oldest operating elevators west of the Mississippi River, installed on June 12, 1911.

In approximately 1951-52, the owner added a wood-framed stucco penthouse to the roof, and an adjacent six-level parking garage. The cut granite curb adjacent to the property and the corner fluted, cast-iron electrolier were in place prior to 1919. The interior is little changed from its original condition.

Historical significance

The Maubridge Apartments' name came from combining the names Maupin and Trowbridge. It was built in 1911-1912 by Dr. J. L. Maupin and Dr. D. H. Trowbridge, Sr., prominent local medical doctors at the time. It is the earliest substantial apartment building in Fresno still standing. It was advertised in 1912 as a prestigious and exclusive address. The structure was designed by Benjamin G. McDougall, who designed many residences in Fresno.

Adapted from the National Register for Historic Places nomination, originally prepared by James Oakes.