Historic Districts: Huntington Boulevard

Bekins-McClatchy HomeBekins-McClatchy Home (1926)

3729 E. Huntington Boulevard
Tudor Revival

Two families of importance in Fresno history are associated with this striking 1926 Tudor Revival style home. The first property owner was Floyd Bekins of Bekins Van and Storage. In 1930 the home was sold to Carlos and Phebe McClatchy. Carlos McClatchy was the son of C. K. McClatchy, who with his brother owned the Sacramento Bee. When the McClatchys looked to Fresno to expand their newspaper empire they sent Carlos, who had served as an Associate Editor in Sacramento. The first issue of the Fresno Bee was published on October 17, 1922, with Carlos McClatchy as Editor. This property is individually listed in Fresno's Local Register of Historic Resources (HP#282).

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