Local Register of Historic Resources

Select from the list of street names below to view the Local Register properties on that street.

Most properties are listed by their historic, or original, names. In many cases these names no longer indicate the structure's present function or ownership.

Andrews Avenue Diana Street Harvey Avenue Mildreda Avenue San Pablo Avenue
Balch Avenue Divisadero Street Heaton Street Millbrook Avenue Santa Clara Street
Belmont Avenue Dudley Avenue Home Avenue Monterey Street Santa Fe Street
Blackstone Avenue E Street Howard Avenue N Street Shaw Avenue
Broadway Echo Avenue Huntington Boulevard Olive Avenue T Street
Brown Avenue Effie Street Illinois Avenue Orange Avenue Tulare Street
Calaveras Street El Monte Way Inyo Street P Street U Street
Cambridge Avenue F Street Kearney Boulevard Palm Avenue University Avenue
Carmen Avenue Ferger Avenue Kerckhoff Avenue Park Avenue Van Ness Avenue
Cedar Avenue Fourth Street Kern Street Peach Avenue Ventura Avenue
Cherry Avenue Franklin Avenue L Street Pine Avenue Washington Avenue
Chestnut Avenue Fresno Street M Street Princeton Avenue Weldon Avenue
China Alley Fulton Street/Mall Madison Avenue R Street Wilson Avenue
Clark Street Glenn Avenue Mariposa Street/Mall Roosevelt Avenue Winery Avenue
Clinton Avenue Grant Avenue Maroa Avenue S Street Wishon Avenue
College Avenue Griffith Way McKenzie Avenue San Benito Street Yale Avenue
Cornell Avenue H Street McKinley Avenue San Joaquin Street Yosemite Avenue

There are also twenty-three buildings formerly in the Local Register that have been destroyed or moved out of the city.

The City of Fresno also has a list of "Heritage Properties." This category is used for properties that may not qualify for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places or Local Register of Historic Resources, but that still are deserving of recognition and protection