Local Register of Historic Resources

Buildings that have been removed from the Register

Andreas Home (309 E Street)

Bonsel/Rush Home (115 North U Street)

California Products Company (3000 E. Butler Avenue)

Chorbajian Home (647 M Street)

Davidson Home (1762 Van Ness Avenue)

Evinger Home (2024 Amador Street)

Fasset Home #1 (905 P Street)

Fasset Home #2 (915 P Street)

First Armenian Presbyterian Church (515 Fulton Street)

Fort Miller Blockhouse (890 W. Belmont Avenue)

Hanger Home (425 N. Van Ness Avenue)

Hoover Home (1552 L Street)

T. E. Mellen Home (250 N. Yosemite Avenue)

John Meux Home (1045 U Street)

Nestel Home (1527 L Street)

Miller Home (1516 N. Van Ness Avenue)

Newman Home (1743 L Street)

Ramona Apartments (1316 L Street)

Schutz Home (1522 N Street)

Stone Home (408 N. Fulton Street)

Sun Maid Raisin Growers Cooperative (2901 E. Hamilton Avenue)

Traveler's Hotel (1812 Tulare Street)

Turpin Home (2522 Inyo Street)

Zellerbach Paper Company Building (1776 Kern Street)