Local Register of Historic Resources

Western Meat Co. H.P. #3
Warehouse Row Buildings:
Western Meat Company (1910)

754 P Street
Industrial Brick, Period Revival influence

The Western Meat Company packing plant was built in 1910. In 1932 the company was sold to Swift and Co., and concentrated primarily on poultry production. In 1945, the plant was converted completely to turkey production. A hatchery was constructed at 745 P Street, directly across the street from the Swift plant. During the next decade the Swift Company became an integral part of the turkey industry in the San Joaquin Valley. Swift's own hatchery increased poult production by 1.35 million birds per year. The company would buy the eggs, hatch them, and then sell them to valley farmers to raise to maturity. Swift then bought the turkey back and processed them at their plant. Until 1960, when the Swift Company relocated, the processing plant was a focal point for the turkey industry in Fresno and the San Joaquin Valley.

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