Local Register of Historic Resources

Warnor's TheatreH.P. #7
Pantages Theatre (1929)

1400-1430 Fulton Street
B. Marcus Priteca, Architect
Moorish Revival

The Pantages Theatre was constructed by Alexander Pantages, one of the most prominent managers of vaudeville entertainment and a renowned theater magnate. Before he retired, he owned sixteen large theaters outright and controlled forty more. All of the houses owned or operated by Pantages were designed by architect B. Marcus Priteca. In 1929 the theater was purchased by Warner Brothers, and its name changed to "Warner's Theatre." Fresno thus became the second West Coast city to have a Warner Brother's motion picture theater. The theater was used primarily for motion pictures until 1973, when it was sold to the present owners. Since that time it has been used mainly for concerts. Its name was changed to "Warnors Theatre" in the 1960s.

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