Local Register of Historic Resources

Lake Moon Co. Building H.P. #283
Lake Moon Company Building
(ca. 1900)

914-920 F Street
20th Century Commercial

The north volume of this two-bay building houses a business which is nearly 100 years old. The Lake Moon Company (Japanese, Kogetsu-Do) was founded as a confectionary in 1915 by Sakino and Sugimakso Ikeda, who emigrated to Fresno from Hiroshima. Family descendents still make Manju -ya by hand, a popular Japanese sweet made with rice flour and red bean paste or filled with a variety of fruits. The rice pounder in the back kitchen dates at least to pre-World War II when the family was relocated. During their absence a Chinese family leased the building. Although the building has had numerous alterations that have led to some loss of integrity, its association with the social history of the Japanese community in Chinatown and specifically the Kogetsu-Do company makes it eligible for listing on Fresno’s Local Register of Historic Resources.

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